What is the best line for the Suzume?

The go-to line pairing for the Suzume Tenkara Rod is the All Purpose Tenkara Floating Line in the 11ft length. Most anglers who choose that rod are using it on smaller streams and creeks and are looking for a delicate presentation. The line is easy to cast and the 11ft length works well with the Suzume Tri-Zoom rod in all 3 positions. Of course, you can certainly go shorter or longer depending on where and how you are personally fishing the rod and intend to use it. The Suzume will cast longer lines in the All Purpose Tenkara Floating Line Series, and it will also cast the Zen Fusion Line Light but you need to modify your casting stroke when using these longer lengths.

Some anglers are fans of our Furled Traditional Lines. These will feel heavier on the Suzume Tenkara rod and cause a more dramatic rod load. If they get wet, they will also absorb water also making the line heavier and potentially causes and “spray” when cast which can spook fish. The Furled Lines need to be kept dry and off the surface of the water. Fish them short and tight.

A final option and the most delicate is our Zen Tenkara Level Line (100% fluorocarbon). These lines come on 50m spools so you can make them any length you want or need. They can be a little tricky to cast since they weigh so little and don’t really load the rod. You will also be required to tie your own connects since the line is spooled and have no connection loops built in.

While it is a personal preference choice, the majority of our customers enjoy the All Purpose Tenkara Floating Line with their Suzume rods, typically in lengths 7ft or 11ft.

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