What is the best Tenkara rod for Sea kayak fishing (striped bass)?

We have a number of customers that target striped bass with great success.
Combining it with a kayak makes it really a ton of fun. We also have a lot of customers down south that target redfish from kayaks, also with great success. The rod we usually recommend for this type of fishing is our Zen Taka.

It’s a powerful rod with a lot of backbone and strength but also flexes deep to help with landing from that low sitting position in the kayak. Depending on the flies you’ll be using, you might like to use a Performance Tip in the Taka rod. This is a faster action tip that helps with casting heavier lines, heavier flies and gives you a quicker hook set. A Performance Tip will also help if you are dealing with a lot of wind which is often the case in saltwater.

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