Taka ZoomTenkara Fly Fishing Rod with Rod Sock and Carbon Fiber Travel Case


  • Fly Rod Approximate Equivalency (FRAE): 8wt
  • High IM carbon fiber for lightness and strength
  • Big fish, Big waters
  • Fresh and saltwater applications
  • Longer handle for fighting strength
  • Length: 13’/15′ Zoom
  • ​Flex: 7:3
  • Collapsed Length: 26 5/16″
  • Rod Weight: 4.75oz (with cap)
  • Rod Weight: 4.50oz (w/o cap)
  • Handle Length: 15 1/4″
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The Taka Zoom Tenkara Fly Rod fishes at 13’/15′, is designed for big fish and is made of the highest quality IM carbon fiber available making it both light and strong. The Taka Zoom Tenkara Fly Rod has a 7:3 Flex to give it backbone but bends and flexes like an advanced yogi. It casts long traditional PVC fly lines effortlessly as well as traditional tenkara lines. Paired with a 6wt-8wt fly line, the rod sings. The Taka is designed for BIG, powerful species such as sockeye, chum salmon, king salmon and silvers in Alaska. Heading South? Think red fish, peacock bass, pacu, golden dorado, barracuda, triggers….crazy huh? This fixed-line fly rod is the reel-less monster hunter for all your extreme tenkara adventures. Bonefish, mid-sized permit, crevalleys, tarpon, bluefin or triggers are all possible. Includes spare tip, rod sock and carbon fiber travel case. Pairs with the Performance Tip for a quicker action. Fly Rod Approximate Equivalency (FRAE): 8wt.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 1.4375 × 1.4375 in

2 reviews for Taka ZoomTenkara Fly Fishing Rod with Rod Sock and Carbon Fiber Travel Case

  1. William K.

    Plenty of backbone to land bigger fish, but still a very flexible profile that protects tippets. Great big waters big species rod. I’ve used this to target Carp, Gar, and Bass in Texas. It handled those fish excellent. I’m looking forward to testing it on other big species now that I’ve moved out east (i.e. Snakehead, Striped Bass, Spotted Seatrout).

  2. Patrick Sullivan

    A few weeks back I caught an immense largemouth. (I named it Mongo.) I was using a cheapo 4.5m rod which was adequate for the job…but it’s heavy and doesn’t have a cork grip.

    I consulted with Karin Miller and decided on the Taka. First test was on the Housatonic, where I was surprised to latch into a bunch of rainbows who hadn’t received the warm water memo. So far so good.

    But the real test was on the lake, from the pontoon boat, with some pretty heavy streamers. Long story short, Mongo met Taka. Taka won.

    I also bought the performance tip, which I think works better for bassing purposes.

    One thing I really like about the Taka is it stays put in the shorter, 13 foot setting. This is not always the case with zoom rods.

    Karin was very helpful and responsive.

    Highly recommended.

    • Karin Miller

      Patrick so loved your story. Thank you for sharing. The Taka is a great rod and Im glad gave Mongo a run for his money. Round One goes to, the Taka!

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