Our “No Hassles” Warranty

We stand behind our  products. As a small company, our best marketing and advertising is word of mouth and referrals. Angry customers are bad for business. Happy customers are great for business. If a break occurs and a section needs to be replaced, they are made available to customers for $18 per section. Sections can be obtained by going to our website and ordering them from the replacement parts option. Breaks do occur (mostly from user error) and we try to make it easy to get parts and the rod working again. But, if there is a defect in the rod, we’re happy to replace it. In this rare and unusual event, we will work with the customer, to make things right, make them happy and get them back out on the water again, fast.  It simply makes good business sense to provide excellent customer care.

To register your Zen Tenkara product, use our Warranty Registration form.

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