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  1. Every piece of a Zen Tenkara rod can be replaced. Count each section from the lillian of your rod (where you attach your line) down toward the handle, to find out which rod part needs to be replaced.
    Note: Section 1 & 2 come together and have no painted stripe on them.
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  1. Broke your tenkara fly rod? Lost a Rod Cap or Tube Cap? Not a problem. Tenkara fly rods are easily repaired by simply replacing the broken section. Easy to fix and our warranty keeps it inexpensive. We’re not looking to profit from a fall or an accident. We just want to fix your fly rod, replace your lost parts and get you back on the water fishing again.

Select your rod from the pull down menu, then select the section. Note: We consider the tip section with the lillian cord to be Section #1 and continue counting down towards the handle.

When you receive your new rod part, unscrew the butt cap on the handle, remove the broken section by sliding it out, then replace it with your new one. Remember to untie the overhand knot in the lillian cord so it doesn’t get jammed and slides out freely.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 23 × .5 × .5 in
Rod Selection

Hachi, Kyojin, Kyojin 2, Sagi 7:3, Suimenka, Suzume 6:4, Taka 7:3, Tenkara 5:5, Zako 6:4

Rod Parts

Rod Tip Plug, Suimenka Standard/Soft Tip (two pcs- replaces Section 1 Nymphing Tip), Suzume Tri-Zoom (Sections 6, 7 & 8) – includes handle, Suzume Tri-Zoom (Sections 6,7 & 8), Suimenka Nymphing Tip (Section 1), Section 1 & 2, Suimenka Section 2, Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, Section 6, Suimenka Zoom (Sections 6 and 7) – includes handle, Section 7, Section 8, Section 9, Section 10, Suzume Tri-Zoom (Sections 7, 8 & 9), Baichi 2 (Sections 7 & 8), Taka (Sections 9 & 10) – includes handle, Rod Tip Plug, Butt Cap, Rod Tube End Cap (1 piece)

9 reviews for Zen Tenkara Replacement Parts

  1. BRETTLEY D Evans

    Thank You Zen Tenkara for prompt service on replacement parts.

    • Karin Miller

      We’re a “real people” company and treat our customers the way we liked to be treated. Its not just about the products, it’s also about the experience. Happy to support happy.

  2. Matt Komatsu

    To date, I’ve replaced three sections of the Kyōjin II. Once due to dumbassery that involved a snag, and other was a monster Chum whose power found the limitations of my technique. In both cases, I was back on the water within a few days of ordering. Now, I carry replacement sections for the top three sections so my day isn’t ruined.

    • Karin Miller

      Matt those top sections on all tenkara rods are the most vunerable. Technique takes time. But, if those top sections are taking the brunt of the hit, the play or the steering you will have problems. May we suggest keeping your rod lower, arm out to the side and really focusing on distributing the meat down the length of the rod. In other words, give the fish butt…push the handle twards the fish while pulling the rest of the rod back. It is rare that I break a rod section…on salmon, bonefish, tarpon, etc. It takes a bit to learn the flex profile of this rod but when you’ve got it the breaks will stop. If one does occur it should be happening much lower on the rod…that’s usually from HUGE pressure. Breaks up top are technique errors. Hang in thefe and reach out to discuss this more. Always happy to email or talk by phone.

  3. Mary Manka

    Thanks for the quick replacement of my poor broken tip! It is so nice to have a company so responsive to customers!

    • Karin Miller

      You are very welcome! We like to treat our customers the way we want to be treated and taken care of.

  4. Anthony Leach

    Thank you so much for your quality rods. I have the older style 5:5 rod and it has held up very well for its age and use. Zen was very quick to ship out my replacement part. Thanks again!

    • Karin Miller

      We loved our old 5:5…a classic. Thank you for being part of the Zen family! Happy New Year and happy fishing.

  5. Xavier Rieniets

    Thank you for quality of your product and your prompt service and delivery. I was out of commission due to my own fault, but was back on the water within days thanks to your fast delivery. Will be purchasing from you again, the wifey wants her own rod now!

  6. Kevin Jacka

    Great service Karin for sending broken sections on my Sagi its a bit sad that i am clumsy and break sections.

  7. Robert Mayville

    Prompt service. Thanks for a great product. I love my Sagi and Suzume!

    • Karin Miller

      This is the stuff that makes our day! Glad to hear it. Let us know if we can ever be of assistance. Tight lines and happy fishing!

  8. JT

    Great customer service. My parts were shipped and arrived quickly.

    • Karin Miller

      We aim to please! Thank you.

  9. Jeanne Browning

    Prompt service and replacement parts fix rod quickly. I keep a spare so my fishing day only has a brief interruption if I break a tip

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