Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod Parts


Every piece of a Zen Tenkara rod can be replaced. Count each section from the lillian of your rod (where you attach your line) down toward the handle, to find out which rod part needs to be replaced.
Note: Section 1 & 2 come together and have no painted stripe on them.

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Broke your tenkara fly rod? Not a problem. Tenkara fly rods are easily repaired by simply replacing the broken section. Easy to fix and our warranty keeps it inexpensive. We’re not looking to profit from a fall or an accident. We just want to fix your fly rod and get you back on the water fishing.

Select your rod from the pull down menu, then select the section. Note: We consider the tip section with the lillian cord to be Section #1 and continue counting down towards the handle.

When you receive your new rod part, unscrew the butt cap on the handle, remove the broken section by sliding it out, then replace it with your new one. Remember to untie the overhand knot in the lillian cord so it doesn’t get jammed and slides out freely.

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Rod Selection

Tenkara 5:5, Zako 6:4, Suzume 6:4, Sagi 7:3, Kyojin, Taka 7:3, Kyojin 2, Baichi 2

Rod Parts

Section 1 & 2, Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, Section 6, Section 7, Section 8, Section 9, Section 10, Suzume Tri-Zoom (Sections 7, 8 & 9), Baichi 2 (Sections 7 & 8), Taka (Sections 9 & 10), Tip Cap, Butt Cap


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