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My wife loves her Zen Tenkara rod and has caught trout throughout Colorado. We have a wonderful opportunity to go to El Faro Lodge in Cuba. Thanks for a great product and all your leadership in the field.

- Mike West

It was an absolute treat to get to hear Karin Miller (Owner, Zen Tenkara) present and discuss tenkara

- Matt, Colorado Springs

Guaranteed to put many smiles on many faces!

- Robert, Denver

I want to thank you for the rapid response you gave me regarding my new Zen Tenkara Zako Rod I bought at the fly fishing expo! I got the new tips the next day after we talked! Thanks again for caring about a customer!

- James Franklin

Best Customer support experience that I've Ever had! This is a great company with great products!

- Jim, CO

The Sagi rod is the bomb!

- Anonymous

F*ckin’ tremendous

- Burt

Used your floating line today for Golden trout in the Kernville, CA watershed – was I impressed! Casts easily with good control even in windy conditions, floated well without causing drag. Great line – worth the price.

- Art

Your enthusiasm for pushing the limits of what can be done with tenkara is contagious

- Doug

Quality rods and gear designed to push the boundaries of tenkara by someone who enjoys pushing the boundaries and wants to share the experience

- Douglas, Alberta Canada

I'm sold on the rod and your company

- Frank, SC

Thanks once again for your personal amazing pointers you’ve provided on this page. This has been really unbelievably generous of you to give without restraint.

- Gremer

Such an exquisite, in depth and open sharing for an answer to an email inquiry. I did not expect it. I loved it. The kind of company, answer and owner one seldom experiences today

- Robert, Chicago

Loving the Zen experience

- Harold, Oregon

Great Gear!

- Anonymous

Own 3 of your rods!

- Tracy

WOW ! You totally caught me off guard with the Suzume rod. I was speechless

- Richard, Denver

I am delighted with my Sagi rod. I took it to Mexico last year and managed to hook a couple baby tarpon

- Anonymous

I really appreciate the incredible customer service.

- Tyson, CA

About Zen Tenkara

At Zen we're all about the duality of finding balance on the water and defining American Tenkara.

The yin: We strive for optimal balance between elegance and practicality, strength and beauty, uniqueness and tradition so that customers can truly experience peace and pleasure from their purchase.

The yang: Zen has taken traditional Japanese Tenkara where it hasn't gone before, testing limits, breaking boundaries and defining American Tenkara so that customers can push their skills to achieve a thrill like no other.

Learn more about Zen Tenkara's Story.

Zen Destinations

Make each day an adventure to remember—and leave the crowds behind. The key to an unforgettable fishing adventure is location, prime location.

From Alaska to Mexico to Argentina and beyond, get ready for a trip of a lifetime and a Tenkara experience like no other.

Introducing our latest destination: Costa Rica.

Zen Community

Zen is committed to helping you find your balance on the water. Simplicity and functionality drive the innovative designs of our products, but we care equally about your experience on the water. Whether you desire the tranquility of a small stream or the high thrill of saltwater species, we're here to offer guidance and support. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates. Connect through our Zen Blog for stories and articles. And Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for tips, information sharing and Zen specials.

Zen Tenkara is an industry leader that continuously prioritizes the customer's experience and fun factor in all things they do. No other tenkara fly fishing company creates so many rods and products uniquely designed for different epic fishing experiences. Their owner, Karin Miller, loves to connect with customers, sharing stories and education. She provides unparalleled customer service, a priceless value.
Aaron Estevez
Aaron Estevez
13:54 09 Aug 20
Zen Tenkara provides not only high-quality rods and gear but also impeccable customer service. And owner Karin Miller is knowledgeable, accessible, and so much fun!
22:01 08 Aug 20
Zen Tenkara is the best...I received my order by mail within a couple of days and in time to get on the river early Saturday morning. Three strikes and a catch (beauty of a brown) within the first 1/2 hour! Love the Zen Tenkara 12' Zako rod w/setup kit...balanced, light and oh so responsive. Fun to cast!
Patricia Stinner
Patricia Stinner
15:04 20 Jul 20
Karen is a rock star! Customer service the way the good Lord intended, impressive extraordinary effort, it was an absolute pleasure. I'm now a Zen Tenkara customer for life.
Bruce In Denver
Bruce In Denver
14:42 18 Jul 20
I end up in spots all across the world and once I started bringing the Kyojin around I never looked back. Fighting big fish on it has completely changed the way I look at fishing and fighting. It brings me back to when everything in fly fishing was new. Now I’ve got small tarpon, juvenile GTs (I like to just call em ts) Barramundi, Queen fish, Carp (my favorite local fish) and a bunch of others. It feels like breaking new ground. I never know what’s going to happen and that is as good as it gets for a dude like me.
jay johnson
jay johnson
20:44 17 Jul 20
A great selection of rods. Professional and courteous customer service. Zen is a great company and Tekara fishing is just plain FUN!
Jay Baichi
Jay Baichi
20:34 17 Jul 20
I could probably come up with five eye-catching words, that are both powerful and applicable that would best fit Zen, but words sometimes are not enough. Really you need to experience who they are and what they offer. I honestly doubt that you’re going to find any other Tenkara company like them. You get some of the most personable people to deal with and they make high-quality, boundary pushing products. Every rod in their lineup has a purpose. Within a few minutes of talking to the owner, you can easily understand their arsenal and, how personal you as a client are treated. They dont offer cheap, thoughtless products, but everything they put out is meticulously researched and developed before coming to its final stage. This is a company that pushes limits, delivers world class results, and is committed to their customers. Again, words are not enough. Try the Kyojin, try the Suzume, try the Zako, try them all! These are all top of the line products!!!
Adam Hanna
Adam Hanna
17:39 17 Jul 20

All rods come complete with a spare tip, rod sock, hard carbon fiber case and our "No-Hassles" guarantee.

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