All Purpose Tenkara Line


  • Low memory, No Stretch
  • Floats (if you need or want that)
  • Color-Coded Tags to Quickly Identify Line Length
  • Welded and sleek Lillian and Tippet Connection Loops
  • Tippet Ring or Loop-to-Loop Connection Option
  • 8″ Hi-Vis Sight Indicator
  • Easy On/Off
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Designed in Colorado, USA


Non-traditional but oh so sweet. This eco-friendly, 100% recyclable Zen All Purpose Tenkara Line is effortless to cast, cuts wind, delicately loads the rod, and it floats! It will quickly become your favorite tenkara fly line. Zen All Purpose Lines provides solid hook sets since they don’t stretch and have almost no memory, so tangles and knots are non-issues. It blends well with it’s khaki color but is still visable and has an 8″ Hi-Vis Indicator Section to make your life even easier (and your eyes happier). Zen All Purpose Tenkara Lines are designed with an easy on/off connection loop, color-coded tags for easy identification of line length and have both a connection loop and tippet ring on the opposite end to give you set-up options. This supple line is solid yet delicate, lays out perfectly and is 18lb test. Available in 6 lengths:  7′, 11′, 12.5′ and 15′, 18′ and 22′ (not recommended for the Zen Kyojin Tenkara Rod. This rod pairs best with our Fusion Lines in MidWeight and Big)

Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × .20 in

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7 reviews for All Purpose Tenkara Line

  1. Eugene Walk

    First, if you ever thought about this line, then get it! Casts like a dream, and easy to hold off the water when needed. Great for dries, and nymphing too. As a regular level line user, this has now been my go to line for many different fishing scenarios. Great service from Karin and her team, and they are always willing to give advice as to type of line and uses. Will now be ordering another length to go along with my 12.5 line.

    • Karin Miller

      Glad you like it…we’re pretty fond of it too!

  2. Britt Monk

    I’m sorry. I can’t review the line, as my complaint is not with your line. It arrived on time as ordered, but for my fly fishing in the southern Appalachian mountains, in narrow brush-filled gorges, Tenkara fishing, in total, was a disaster. (And I would have returned the line to you, but on one of my casts, the fly itself hooked into the fly line, almost cutting it.)

    The pockets are small, and don’t hold large numbers of trout, so require hiking through briars and brush from one to the other. I broke the tip of my 13’6″ MaxCatch Tenkara rod on the first outing doing exactly that.

    It’s my fault. I should have removed the line and rolled it up, collapsed the rod, then walked the 50 feet that I needed to get to the next pool, then reassembled the rod, and added the line. That’s a lot of trouble for something that is normally fun.

    I’m done with Tenkara and going back to my short L.L. Bean small stream fly rod and reel. The only thing I like about Tenkara is the reversed hackle flies, which, with a little twitching can attract those little Specks.

    • Karin Miller

      Hello and Im really sorry you had a bad experience. It sounds like you might have chosen an inappropriate rod for where you are fishing. I would suggest something like a the Suzume Tri-Zoom rod ehich fishes at 7’7″, 9’6″ and at 10’8″ this would allow you to get into those tight spots and small streams. A 13ft+ rod sounds like a poor match. The line has an 18lb test some should not cause any issues even though its very delicate. And there is a pretty easy method of collapsing the rod without breaking it down or removing the line, when moving from place to place..but it may not feel natural initially. I would be very happy to offer some guidance and do a phone call to talk through some of your frustrations. Please reconsider giving tenkara another try. And let me share some tips and tricks abet it does sound like the real challenge is your rod…not the line. Our number is
      844-TEN-KARA or my direct is 970-412-8392. Happy to help.

  3. Bill Turner

    Excellent delivery time, excellent product, just what the doctor ordered!!!!

  4. S. Jab

    I used this line most of the summer hiking to colorado alpine lakes with the Zen tenkara rod. I use the 7′ because with my leader and tippit and the length of the rod, I can get as far out as I want to. Mostly used with drys. I have been very happy with it and bought another because I lost the line 🙁


    bellissima arrivata oggi e domani la provo

  6. Mike Garrison

    Just got the 7’ and 11’ lines in the mail today and took them out in my backyard to practice cast. I am blown away at how nice they cast and can’t wait to take them out on the water. To be honest, I have been dissapointed with trying to cast with a level line and feel much more confident with these. They are immaculate.

    • Karin Miller

      Thrilled you like them! They are very unique and we have put our heart into them.

  7. Karin Miller

    From Mike G.
    “Just tested out the new 7’ floating line from you guys and loved it so much I bought two more for my 12’ Iwana TUSA rod.”

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