Zen Fusion Tenkara Line: BIG


  • Casts and feels like a regular fly line
  • Unique propriety Zen design
  • Double taper profile provides two different turn-overs, feel and presentations
  • One for high wind or heavy flies, the other for lights flies and presentations
  • Welded connection loops at both ends
  • Color coded for convenience
  • This line pairs with our Kyojin, Kyojin II and Suimenka Tenkara Fly Rods
  • For use in fresh or saltwater (rinse with fresh water after use in salt)
  • This line is substantially heavier and designed beefier rods


This proprietary tenkara line is a unique Zen design. We took the best part of both traditional fly fishing (casting) and tenkara (simplicity), and “fused” them together in our Zen Fusion Tenkara Line Series. Available in 3 different grain weights to perfectly match your rod: LIGHT, MID-WEIGHT and BIG.

This uniquely designed tenkara line is our beefiest line in the Zen Fusion Tenkara Line Series so we call it “BIG”. With loops at both ends and two distinctly different tapers, BIG delivers two different presentations and turn-over rates: One for normal use, lighter flies and delicate presentations. The other, for high wind conditions, big, heavy flies and bigger turn-overs.  Either way, the line is extremely accurate, easy to cast and lays down softly. All Zen Fusion Tenkara Lines float and are designed to lay on the surface of the water – both fresh and salt.  The BIG Line attaches to the lillian cord quick and easy by with a Girth Hitch from either end. We recommend using a loop-to-loop connection for your leader/tippet setup. This supple line has no memory and has color coded ends. BIG is graceful, smooth and glides through the air perfectly. It is made in the USA. BIG is available in 2 lengths: 16ft and 28ft. BIG pairs best with the Kyojin, Kyojin II, and Suimenka Zen Tenkara Rods as well as other big powerful rods.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in


1 review for Zen Fusion Tenkara Line: BIG

  1. Jeffhoven@yahoo.com

    Heavy enough to send the heaviest of flys. can your rod tip handle it the big question. Not for light presentation. Ready to handling the northern pike , I am after and just loud enough on the water to bring them in for dinner without sending them running.

    • Karin Miller

      Thanks for your comment. We agree this line is for big rods and big fish….and can handle big flies. It is a line we designed for our Kyojin rod and our Suimenka. Have you tried attaching it from both ends? When you attach the orangle end to your rod, your presentation, big a nice long tapered leader should be pretty soft…soft enough to cast at bones, permit and other skittish fish. When you attached the green side to your rod, the effect is a big turn over…almost skagit-like for launching wet dish rag flies. We agree, if you are using a different manufacturer’s rod, the question is, can your rod handle it? Excited to hear about your pike adventure. Let us know how it goes.

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