Tenkara Level Line #3 (Fluorocarbon) 50m


  • 100% High Quality, High Resilience Fluorocarbon
  • Dyed Hi-Vis Orange
  • 50 meter Spools
  • Ultralight and supple
  • Cut you your desired length
  • Most delicate line and presentation
  • Requires “flickier” wrist cast
  • Perfect for dries and traditional kebari pattern flies
  • Pairs best with Zen Suzume and Zako as well as other brands
  • Made in Japan


The lightest and most delicate tenkara lines are Tenkara Level Line. Zen Tenkara Level Line is made of 100% high quality, high resilience fluorocarbon, dyed to a Hi-Vis orange color and made in Size #3.0. On a range from 2.5 (thinnest) to 4.5 (thickest), Size #3 is perfect for most tenkara rods and for those anglers who desire a super ultralight line for the softest and purest casting experience. Our spools contain 50 meters (compared to 20m or 30 spools offered elsewhere) of supple, low memory line that can be cut to whatever size you need.

This line requires more finesse to cast and more of a “quick flick” with the wrist. WARNING: Since this comes spooled, connection loops or knots must be tied by the angler. No connection loops are included. If you don’t like tying knots this line option may not be for you.

Pairs best with Zen Suzume and Zako Tenkara Rods as well as other brands.

Size #3. Spool contains 50 meters. 100% High Resilience Fluorocarbon, Comes in a hard plastic carry case. Made in Japan

Additional information

Weight .0859 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 2.6875 × .8125 in


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