Uni Line, Traditional


  • Furled and Tapered Design
  • Lillian Connection Loop
  • Tippet Ring
  • Low-Vis to blend with Surroundings for Stealth factor
  • Provides good rod load and feedback for better timing on casts
  • Tip Can be Waterproofed (salve sold separately)
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  • Zen Uni Line is a furled, tapered, hand woven line that’s a favorite for traditional tenkara anglers. It turns over well, doesn’t get lost in the wind yet still provides a delicate presentation. The Zen Uni gives you nice feedback when casting so you can feel the rod load. Excellent for those new to tenkara, fishing or who prefer a more tradition experience. This line absorbs water so can also be used for nymphing or keep it off the water for dries. Salves can be used to waterproof tip and reduce water absorption (sold separately). Available in 7’ and 11.5’ lengths. Also Available in Hi-Vis.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in