Which tenkara rod should I buy?

Jst like regular fly rods, tenkara rods come in different lengths and “sizes” that lend themselves to different uses. When buying a tenkara rod, think about how and where you will be using it.

  • Are you using it in rivers, small creeks, lake or ponds?
  • What species of fish will you be targeting – trout, crappy, bass, carp, redfish, stripers, salmon?
  • How long a cast is generally required to reach the fish – 10-15ft or 20-30ft or more?
  • What size are the average fish you’ll be getting into – less than a pound or 12 pounders?
  • Will you be using it wading or from a boat?
  • Fresh or saltwater?

As you answer these questions, you’ll narrow down the rod options to usually one or 2 choices. Personal preference also plays a role in your decision making. Read the Product Descriptions for the tenkara rods. They provide a lot of useful information in helping you with rod choice. That why we wrote them. Also refer to the different rods’ FRAE Rating. The rods FRAE Rating gives you an idea of the rod’s capacity and what you would generally use the rod for.

This may also give you some additional information and understanding about tenkara rods and how to choose one.

Tenkara Rod Weight & Flexes, as published in Tenkara Angler, Winter 2019/20 Issue – Zen Tenkara

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