Tell me about your All Purpose Tenkara Floating Lines?

Our All Purpose Floating Tenkara Lines come is 6 different lengths. Each proprietary line consists of:

  • a welded and color-coded large connection loop for easy attachment with a girth hitch
  • an eight inche Hi-Vis, bright orange sight/indicator section
  • a small welded loop for loop-to-loop connection options
  • a tippet ring on the small welded loop for direct tippet tie-on
  • and they float (if you are into that, lol)

The lines are supple with extremely low memory. They cast very easily, are light and delicate, but still dense enough to cut through wind. Our new, improved versions are super sleek and streamlined. Available in these lengths: 7ft, 11ft, 12.5ft, 15ft, 18ft and 22ft.

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