Tenkara Rod Weight & Flexes, as published in Tenkara Angler, Winter 2019/20 Issue


Tenkara Angler Winter 2019/20 Issue

As the fly fishing method and sport of tenkara takes hold and gains popularity in the American market, it will be interesting to see if they way tenkara rods are categorized and described evolves. The current practice of notating the rod’s length and flex ratio leave a lot to be desired for the consumer and really provides very little information about the rod’s character and load capacity. Read this article in the Winter 2019/20 edition of Tenkara Angler magazine to hear more about this subject by Zen owner, Karin Miller as she discussed tenkara rod weight and flexes.




Why don’t tenkara rods have weight descriptions?

Different tenkara rods have different load capacities and flex profiles

Will the tenkara industry follow the path of other fly rod companies and industry norms?

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