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Karin with her first catch (a matchbox truck)My first memory of fishing was with my dad when I was about four years old and we were anchored off Honeymoon Harbor in the Bahamas. There wasn’t much room for toys on our 27-ft Morgan sailboat, which we lived aboard for about a month at a time. One day while we were fishing out of our dingy, he casually said, “I think you caught something.” What? Really? I began to reel the line in. As I looked over the edge of the boat, I was surprised to see something very bright red and yellow attached to my hook. This was different. I pulled the line in and found, to my surprise, a Matchbox cement truck. We turned to each other in disbelief and wonder—a toy truck!—and then doubled over giggling and laughing. In that moment, there was nothing else, just the connection between me, my dad, the water and the “fish.” One of the joys of fly fishing is that you never know exactly what you’ll find at the end of your line. I never figured out how my dad got that toy truck on my hook, or if he actually did, but that moment, that feeling and the connection we shared was cemented in my mind forever (no pun intended). I grew up on the water; it’s in my blood and a huge part of who I am. It’s both a place of tranquility and excitement, tradition and exploration, and fly-fishing brings it all home for me. Zen Tenkara embodies those opposite but complementary states—the yin and the yang. I invite you to join us and find your balance on the water.
Tight lines and happy fishing,




  1. Awwwws. Sweet story! Thanks for being true to you!

  2. Dave aka CelticBuddha

    I am new to Tenkara. Meaning this will be my first season. Have fished for many years and am intrigued as to why this method has found me never having heard of it before but the style speaks to me. Your site is even more intriguing as i teach mindfulness and meditation so seeing a place called zentenkara solidifies that the Universe is guiding me. I look forward to learning and practicing. Perhaps a trip such as those on your site is in my future. Namaste

    • Thank you for your comments. Tenkara is an ancient form of fishing originating in Japan. Born out of efficiency it is both a skill set and art form. I have practiced Hatha yoga for many years. I have discovered that I experience a similar mindfulness and sense of present awareness in tenkara and fly fishing that I do in my yoga practice. It clears my mind, rids my brain of distractions and makes me focus on a single experience. I have said before, it quiets the monkeys in my mind, lol. As you begin your tenkara journey, please feel free to reach out with any questions or guidance you may want. We’re here to support you finding your balance on the water.
      Tight lines and happy fishing,

      Karin MIller

    • And Namaste to you. I wrote an article about fly fishing and my yoga practice a number of years ago for Dun Magazine. Writing the article gave me a lot to think about and reflect on. I think every word I wrote back then, is still relevant today. I hope you find balance on the water (our tag line) and that Zen Tenkara can be part of that journey. If I can every help or offer guidance in your fishing, please reach out.

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