And We’re Off to the Seychelle Islands

I just finished packing my Patagonia Storm waterproof bag and I’m at a comfortable 20lbs. Not bad when you consider my Simms Sneaker wading boots are in there, all my toiletries and clothes for a winter evening out in Paris. I try to never let my rods and reels out of my sight so they’re packed in a carry-on Fishpond rod case which comes in at 15lbs – that includes 5 Winston rods, 5 Zen Tenkara rods and 5 Hatch Finatic reels – big boys – 7 Plus-12wt. Plus, a big assortment of tenkara lines and prototype Zen Fusion Lines as well as multiple spools of varying tippet and leaders. I was limited to 33lbs so I’m a smidgen over, but, I also received special permission and a 20lb allotment for a drone which comes in much less than that, so somehow I ended up underweight. Score for me!

The strict weights are due to the limitations of the sea plane we’re taking from Mahe” to Alphonse. We take off and land in the water so weight can be a real issue, depending on how many people are flying in or if they’re bringing in any supplies for the lodge. I leave tomorrow and I can’t put into words just how excited I am. It’s a very long trip but I’m certain it’ll be worth every moment spent in the air or in an airport.

The Seychelles is the GT Capitol of the world so that’s our main target. But the area holds many other prized and powerful species including permit, bonefish, bluefin, grouper, tuna, sailfish, triggers, milkfish and the list goes on. The area is somewhat similar to the Maldives Island we travelled to the previous year. I don’t expect to land a 150lb GT on a tenkara rod. But I’m certain I can land a ton of fish that’ll offer up an amazing fight and an adrenaline rush like nothing I’ve experienced before. We’re heading into the untamed, unspoiled wild and I’m thanking the universe for this opportunity.

I return on the 3rd. I hope to bring back tons of memories, heart thumping fish stories, great photos, a least a few solid video and fingers-crossed for low winds, nice drone footage. After a busy January of travel and fly fishing shows and expos, this trip is very welcomed.

Tight lines and happy fishing,

Karin Miller, Owner

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