Any advice for landing big fish on a tenkara rod?

Zen Tenkara started the “Big Fish on Tenkara” craze and we designed the first “Big Fish Tenkara Rod”. Zen knows all the tricks. Here’s a few very quick tips but read these article to get a full understanding and improve your skill set.

  1. Be willing to move, no lead feet
  2. Play to the side 45-65 degrees off the surface of the water
  3. Maintain the fishing triangle (about 90 degrees from rod tip to fish)
  4. Keep steady, even pressure on the fish
  5. Take your time, you can stay in the triangle all day if needed (but lets not)

Big Fish on Tenkara: Understand Why and How it Works – Zen Tenkara

The Geometry of Landing Big Fish on a Reel or Tenkara – Zen Tenkara

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