Which line is the right line for the Zen Zako Tenkara rod?

The Zako is a great rod that can handle a broad range of applications. The Grab-n-Go kit comes with a Hi-Vis Furled 11ft line. If you feel like this line is a little too short and a little too light, I would suggest trying one of our Zen Fusion Lines – a Light/15ft might do the trick for you. It is not a traditional tenkara line. It is designed to lie on the surface of the water similar to a conventional fly line and is available in longer lengths: 15ft, 20ft and 25ft.
Our All-Purpose Floating Tenkara Lines come in longer lengths as well, but they are lighter than the Furled Lines so I’m not sure you would enjoy them. They are very easy to cast though, don’t stretch, have welded attachment loops, float, and are available in 6 different lengths: 7ft, 11ft, 12.5ft, 15ft, 18ft and 22ft.

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