Fly Fish Patagonia – This Trip is ON!

We weren’t sure this was going to happen given the covid19 virus and all the challenges and safety issues that came with it, but it’s ON! We’ve spoken with Las Pampas Lodge owners and Buenos Aires travel authorities and this trip is back on the calendar. We are so, so, so excited by this fishing trip for so many reasons.

First, the idea of being free to travel again is exhilarating. We’ve all been cooped up in our homes, venturing out minimally and the idea of just getting out there again is wonderful. Second, Las Pampas Lodge is such a magnificent destination. One so pure and unblemished it will make you forget any stresses or worries and lusciously nourish your soul. Third, you are traveling with passionate anglers that just want to fish and have an amazing time. So let’s get out there and live large! Fourth, fish, fish, FISH. This area holds beautiful wild trout that will jump and smash your fly sometimes with incredible aggression, other times, so softly and delicately, it will feel like slow motion. Fifth, you’ll be treated endearingly, cared for, feed and catered to in rustic, Argentinian charm that is characteristic of historical estancias. If this isn’t enough to entice you then let me also add golden dorado to this dream trip.

Yes! in addition to 6 nights at Las Pampas Lodge, we’ll also being doing 2 nights and 2 days of fishing in Buenos Aires to take on glorious golden dorado. This is a personal bucket list fish for me and one that I’ve yearned for over many years. They are strong, exciting fish and Urban Dorado Anglers are the best guides and know these fish like nobody’s business. So not only do you get to experience Las Pampas, but you’ll also be able to enjoy spectacular Buenos Aires. Rarely on fly fishing trips do you get to take in and experience both sides of the coin. This truly is an incredible opportunity and fly fishing adventure.



Six spots are available and we’ve had a number of people request information. This is a rod/reel and/or tenkara fly fishing adventure. Hold your spot for April 9th- 17th with a deposit so you don’t miss out on this trip. All accommodations including lodging, food, beer, liquor, guides, gear, transfers to and from Esquel Airport, fishing licenses and fees are included. Price for 2 nights/2 fishing day in BA(Urban Dorado Anglers) and 6 nights/5 fishing days in LPL, $6150. Here’s the full itinerary.  Reserve your place, here, or contact Karin Miller, Zen Tenkara/Zen Fly Fishing Gear owner, directly.

844-TENKARA (844-836-5272)

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