New Products are Coming Soon!

As we head out of spring and into summer the fishing season goes into full swing. In fact, I like to think of Father’s Day as sort of ushering it in. The snow has melted, heavy rains subsided and rivers are evening out their flows. Fish are hungry and ready to occupy soft water in hopes of being served up delicious and nutritious insect treats. To top it off, businesses are opening back up and travel bans are being lifted. An air of normalcy is slowly returning.

Surprisingly, 2020 is turning out to be a great year and Zen is excited to announce that new products are coming. We aim for customers to not only love their products, but also the shopping experience. Last year we improved our website and added videos to our YouTube channel. This year we’ll be offering a few peripheral products for your convenience so you don’t have to hop around to a bunch of different sites, and can simply fulfill all your fly fishing needs in one place.

Nippers – I don’t know about you but I tend to need more than one. I leave them in shirt pockets, wader pockets, fly packs or I loan them to fishing buddies who forget about them in their pockets too. These are my favorite. They have a super sharp blade for clean cuts, a hook hone which I use regularly to clean out glue-filled hook eyes, and a knot tool that makes life easier. Only the best.

Mitten Forceps – Comfort and ease. No more fitting your fingers into little holes or having sore thumbs. These are easy to operate for all size hands, have serrated scissors built in and a hook hone. Plus, a flat portion on the nose clamp so you can crimp barbs quickly. Everything you need in sleek one tool.

Tippet – Every angler needs tippet. It’s one of those things that you can never have enough of and you need a few size options. But, not all tippet is created equal. I’ve lost a number of fish due to cheap tippet that breaks too easily. Tippets memory is another issue that can be really annoying and make tying knots and attaching flies, more challenging than it should be. Worse, many tippets have terrible suspension rates – meaning your flies end up in the water as “low-riders”. Keep your fly high on the water with Zen Tippet. This is the highest quality tippet material you will find and it floats better than any mono. With extremely low memory and anti-abrasion properties, size for size, this is simply the strongest tippet on the market.

While these product are not yet on the website, they’re coming soon and our Newsletter Subscribers will be treated with special introductory deals. So sign-up and keep a look out, for these great new products. Quality, performance and excellent customer service,  all things you can expect from Zen.


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