Thinking About a New Tenkara Rod: Buy it Now

Dearest Customer

At Zen we strive to provide competitive prices for excellent quality products that perform and function in an exemplar way – setting the standard for high quality tenkara gear and always providing that same level of customer service. Zen has established a reputation for being innovative, being cutting edge and for pushing boundaries with the highest performance tenkara rods in the industry. Zen has taken this simple fixed line method and singularly brought it to new heights by exploring and pushing boundaries. As an industry leader with many “firsts“, Zen has revolutionized this method creating a fusion of traditional tenkara and regular fly fishing, and paving the way for other tenkara companies to follow. Simply put, we “upped the ante”. Zen has developed beautify and accurate traditional tenkara rods, and was the first to develop tenkara rods to handle bonefish, king salmon, tarpon and small permits, Zen is “defining American Tenkara”.

In an effort to encourage and support the growth of tenkara, Zen has consciously held fast to original prices since 2012. Over the last 8 years, our costs associated with raw material, labor, production and shipping however, have steadily climbed. We have reached the point that these increases can no longer be ignored or absorbed. Plans had already been made to adjust prices in 2021. The impacts of Covid-19 on the global marketplace have resulted in additional increases in manufacturing costs that were unexpected.

As a consequence of these increases, Zen will usher out new pricing effective January 15th, 2021. You will notice that some products, such as our original Zen offerings, will have a more pronounced or substantial price increase, while other products, a minimal change. And there are several products that will have no price increase at all. We have worked very hard to make only the most necessary adjustments, particularly in these uncertain economic times.

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We also made a very conscious effort to hold off on the price adjustments until after the holidays and New Year pass, in order to give you the opportunity to take advantage of current lower prices and not be “that guy” raising prices right before the holiday season. The new prices will not go into effect on our website or in retail stores, until January 15th, 2021. So if you’re thinking about a new rod, have been wanting to try a Zen Floating Line, or eyeing one of our handcrafted, wood fly boxes, do it sooner than later, and spend less.


We hope you understand the need for this and know that we work hard to bring you incredible products at fair prices – the yin and the yang of it – to help you find balance on the water.

Tight lines and happy fishing,


Owner, Zen Tenkara, LLC


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