Tenkara has reached Prince Edward Island, Canada

We often ship Zen Tenkara rods and products to our neighbors in the way north, as in Canada. There is some great fly fishing there and many rivers and water ways that are very suitable for tenkara. And now there is even a tenkara guide. That’s right. Fly Fish PEI will now be offering guided tenkara trips. We are proud to also announce that they will be using Zen Tenkara rods.

Owner, Craig Ono will be launching the Tenkara Experience on his website Fall 2024. If you’re looking for a tenkara destination trip, consider PEI. Escape the chaos, embrace the tranquility in the flow of the river and in the excitement of catching wild brook trout. Cast yourself into the world of Tenkara, where Craig’s love for the sport extends to a deep respect for nature. Experience the serenity of pristine rivers as he guides you through the art of casting and fly selection. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, Craig will customize each experience to match your skill level, offering personalized instruction for a successful and enjoyable trip. Located on Prince Edward Island in Canada, Fly Fish PEI is the only outfitter and guide service company in Atlantic Canada that offers guided tenkara experiences.

Craig Ono

Explore these incredible waters with a passionate guide knowledgeable, experienced and comfortable fishing tenkara. Craig also guides and offers regular flyfishing guiding.

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