Tenkara Flies, 12 pack


One Dozen Sakasa Kebari Tenkara Flies in Black, Green and Yellow, Sizes 8 ,10, 12 and 14. This versatile hackle-forward, simple fly can be used as a wet or dry fly. Pulse it under the water by lightly tapping your tenkara fly rod to create motion, or dab it with floatant and use it as a dry fly. The one fly pattern that can be fished above and below the surface.

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Any fly pattern can be used with your tenkara fly fishing rod, including dries, nymphs, streamers, terrestrials, etc., but tenkara traditionalists focus less on hatch/insect visual imitation and more on fly movement and presentation. That’s why a simply hackle-forward fly patterned called the Sakasa Kebari is often the go-to tenkara fly pattern. It doesn’t resemble any particular insect but, with the hackle facing towards the hook’s eye, under water it pulses and is an effective attractor. When dressed with a bit of floatant, the Sakasa Kebari  can be made to skitter across the surface of the water and offer dry action, making it a very versatile, non-specific fly pattern. Our Sakasa Kebari flies are pre-packaged in a re-usable small plastic box, ideal for the chest or back pocket for the true minimalist. Sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14. Colors: Black Green Yellow. 1 dozen mixed per package.

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  1. John DeLuca

    Beautiful flies and excellent service. I enjoy shopping with Zen on line. Wish I could go fishing with that “Beautiful Smile “.

    • Karin Miller

      Thanks John! Happy inside and out…

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