It Takes A Village

Zen is a small company. We don’t have huge backers or deep pockets. We’re a local, homegrown Colorado company and we care. We’re people, with families, with kids, with dogs, with all that goes with all of that. Zen can’t support foundations or sponsor huge events, but we do what we can do, because we care.

Zen has donated time, rods, people, gear, effort, education and money to a number of causes over the years from Trout Unlimited, to The Boys and Girls ClubProject Healing Waters, the Rett Syndrome Foundation and a number of other non-profit organizations. And while we’ll continue to support these causes, supporting issues closest to home is what we find most meaningful.

In a few weeks on October 15th Front Range Anglers will be hosting the release of the Confluence Films Production, PROVIDENCE at the Oskar Blues Tasty Weasel Tap Room at 1800 Pike Road, Longmont, CO from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. All proceeds generated from this event will be donated to FRA’s prior manager, Peter Bernstein’s fund, “Let’s Get Peter Walking Again.”


Peter worked at FRA for many years and suddenly and unexpectedly experienced serious health issues that left him unable to walk…or for that matter, wade…or fish…or hike…or jog…or ride a bike. The list goes on. For any of us outdoor enthusiasts who love nature, our freedom, our mobility, this would be devastating. I can’t image just how difficult this must be. And Peter is a great guy. I know him as FRA’s manager. He always was friendly, always took time to talk with me and always made me feel welcome. He loved what Zen was doing and enjoyed supporting and growing another local company. He made me feel proud and I was proud to be in Front Range Anglers Fly Shop. In our busy lives where people rush through their days and text through their relationships, I want to pause and support someone because, I care. I’m asking you to do the same.

By simply coming to this event, enjoying an amazing movie, drinking beer, hanging with great people, you can help. You can care. Tickets are $30 and available at the Front Range Anglers shop at 2344 Pearl Street, Boulder. There are a limited amount of tickets available so don’t wait. If you can’t come to the movie but still want to help, you can still make a donation by calling FRA at 303-494-1375.

Make a difference, be involved, and help another person…care.

If you still need motivation or a reason to come, Zen will be there and donated gear to the growing collection of raffle goodies that you’ll have an opportunity to win.

Hope to see you there.




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