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About a year ago I met a gentleman from Argentina. We talked of tenkara and of his home land. More specifically, we talked of the wondrous fishing opportunities Patagonia held and of the lodge he was a part of, Las Pampas Lodge.Then for many months, we never spoke again. But all the time I continued to think about the place he had described with unspoiled rivers, untouched forests, magnificent mountains and of the “authentic Patagonian lifestyle” this place provided. The pictures he showed me were so delicious and inviting it was a destination I wanted to see,fish, taste and experience. I reached out to him and we began communicating. Zen somehow had to be connected to this place and be a part of the experience Las Pampas Lodge provided to their guests. Although a little late, Zen decided to host a trip to one of the last untouched fishing scenarios of the world.

Zen is proud to host this life changing destination trip to Las Pampas Lodge, February 20th – 27th 2016.

Spots are limited to 6 anglers.


The Las Pampas Lodge is located in the Chubut Province of Central Patagonia, in the heart of the Rio Pico area. It’s approximately 150 miles out from any mainstream angling destinations. The distance from it and other lodges and their access to private waters in the area, separates the Las Pampas Lodgeexperience from others. It is a place where you set the pace and their guides and staff are fun, happy, intelligent people who are enthusiastic for guiding and sharing a real experience.

Rio Pico options of water and species are greater than any other location in Patagonia. The area is a unique and healthy water system with a big population of Brown, Rainbow and Brook trout. Whether you walk or float, cast classic dry flies or throw streamers, productive waters await with a multitude of trophy fly fishing and tenkara opportunities.

Top all that off with cocktails from a full open bar, incredible gourmet meals served in the relaxed and inviting atmosphere of a European style lodge complete with decks and fireplaces…and you have heaven. This is a bucket list destination. A place where individuals, friends, families and couples can discover a remote world with premier fishing and expert guides to make your experience unique for you.



Spots are limited, reserve yours now by calling us at 1-844-TENKARA or email trips@zenflyfishinggear.com

More information is available at www.laspampaslodge.com.

Online brochure: http://issuu.com/laspampaslodge/docs/brochure-2015



For an unforgettable experience, Las Pampas Lodge.

Zen sponsors Las Pampas with gear and rods. Whether you bring your own or let us cover you. This promises to be a tenkara trip for all times!

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