The Tenkara Winter Series ended its inaugural year, I believe, on a high note. Looking back now, it amazes me we actually pulled it off, and did so with such grace and talent. Not my talent mind you, but that of our presenters. People like Paul Vertrees, Kirk Deeter and Chris Stewart along with fantastic photographers Kevin Fricke, Anthony Naples and Mark Boname are the talent and reason for success. Throw in fly tiers Michael McFarland, Joseph Egry and Chris Krueger and the room is dripping with expertise. Without their collaborative spirit, the TWS wouldn’t have happened. It’s exciting to see a niche of a niche market that was originally divided, come together for the greater good. There truly is power in “united we stand”.


I am left with a lot to think about for the coming year. Our feedback on the Series was completely positive. Due to a simple snow storm, the TWS has morphed from a local community event that would draw people out of their warm homes to talk tenkara during the winter months, into a destination event drawing people from much further locations…which, by the way, is completely fine by me.

This summer, amongst all the other things I’ll be doing, I’ll also be figuring out next year’s event. Finding interesting and knowledgeable presenters will be my challenge, as well as deserving artists whose work compliments tenkara and the venue as a whole. I think bigger in this case, was better. The possibility of a multi-day series with various presenters, artists and vendors is where we’re heading. We want the event to be worth your drive and worth your time. We want to satiate your palate and deliver a tasty mouthful of information that’ll keep the juices flowing until spring finally hits.

As always, I’m open to suggestions. Great ideas were meant to be shared. So if you have any, feel free to contact me.

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