We’re Growing

As August quickly approaches I’m forced to look back on another year and scream out ”OMG!” It’s been about two years since Zen got picked up by our very first retail shop, Mountain Anglers in Breckenridge, Colorado. Time flies when you’re working two jobs, running a business, designing products, doing demos, certifying guides and taking care of clients….it’s a busy little life we lead here at Zen. That’s why I’m jumping for joy to announce that our crew, our posse, our gang, our company, our pack, our bevy, our team – is growing!

Zen is so very proud to introduce Adam Hanna (working with a Zen Certified Tenkara Guide in training)

Adam grew up in Alabama with the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge as basically his backyard. He had access to tons of small creeks to fish but back then was a bait-rod and reel kind of guy. He moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas to attend college and met his wife Kayla. It was here that Adam took up fly fishing and continued his passion with creeks and rivers. Kayla eventually convinced Adam that they should move back to her hometown of Aurora, Colorado where he tried tenkara. Within just a few hours on the Big Thompson River, he had landed a number of fish and has been memorized by tenkara ever since.

Adam will be assisting with guide trainings, demos, events, Meet-Ups and all things tenkara. He can answer questions about products and will be helping with the everyday operations of Zen. We are thrilled to have such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable addition to our team. Welcome aboard Adam!

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