The “Sparrow” Suzume Is Here

Talk about busy, these days, busy doesn’t come close to describing the Zen Team. We’re burning the midnight oil to bring you some really cool new products. The first was the Crosscurrent Chest Pack. Made right here in good’ole Colorado, USA. Streamline and bomb-proof, it’s the ultimate in efficiency and simplicity yet has 462 cu of storage. It’s a piece that can be passed down for generations.


Now, our Suzume is finally available. This little pocket rocket is poised to take over Rocky Mountain National Park and other areas with tight streams and close quarters. Suzume is a tri-zoom rod fishable at 7.7’, 9.3’ and 10.8’ giving you “compactability” and accessibility, all in one tool. Suzume is a 6:4 flex with a medium-fast action. It features an 11” tapered handle that ensures that the rod is well balanced and prevents that tip-heavy feel common in other manufacturers. It also gives you enough room and options to find your own personal “sweet spot” for individualized comfort. Suzume rounds out Zen’s current rod offerings to give you a whole spectrum of tools to choose from for your next fishing adventure.


Also new to the Zen lineup is our sexy, streamline, eco-friendly New Floating Line available in 11’, 12.5’ and 15’ lengths. This 100% recyclable floating line provides a minimalist profile with streamline connection points, low memory and no stretch. To make it that much more desirable, the khaki line has an 8” hi-vis indicator and is also made right here in Colorado, USA.

20160602-09025620160531-113318-copyIf you haven’t noticed the Zen trend, let me offer some insight: Some companies sayUSA but make everything abroad. Zen is committed to actually making products in America and Colorado. Our chest pack, our wooden line spools, our wooden fly boxes, our new lines and all our flies are designed and made in Colorado, USA.We’re trying hard to bring it home and keep it local, and we’re proud of that! Many of you know that we’ve been working hard on a fully made American tenkara rod. As a small private company, it’s been a labor of love, learning and patience…not only by us, but also by our customers. I promise, it’ll be worth it. Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on Zen. More excitement is guaranteed to follow.

One last thought: A simple but sincerely thank you to all our customers and supporters who have encouraged us, advised us, made friends with us and helped Zen along the way. We hope that we’re making you proud too.

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