Show Season is Upon Us

Winter is here in all its glory and many of you who reside in warm climates are continuing to fly fish and enjoy less humidity. Those of us in the north are searching for tailwaters, taking to our vises or spending frigid days getting caught up on the latest tenkara and fly fishing books or articles. Luckily, we have some great reading options that include the new publication by Morgan Lyle, Tenkara Today and a steady flow of interesting articles published in the Tenkara Angler magazine. For us at Zen, winter translates into show season and a time for connecting with customers and friends from all over.

The Fly Fishing Show has become a winter staple for anglers all over the country and the Denver Fly Fishing Show is undoubtedly the biggest and busiest venue of them all. Not only does it attract companies from all over the world, but attendance is outstanding. Whether you’re an experienced long-time fly fisherman or a complete novice, it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with people, hone your skills, ask your questions and satisfy your curiosity through the numerous demos, classes, seminars and presentations that are offered. We absolutely love show season!

This year we’ll be at both the Denver, Colorado Fly Fishing Show and the Edison, New Jersey Fly Fishing Show. Not only will Zen be exhibiting at both of these events, we’ll also be presenting in the theater at both venues. Owner and founder Karin Miller will be highlighting her travels and discussing targeting different species on tenkara and her “Fusion Fishing” that is defining American tenkara.

In Denver she’ll be presenting on:

Friday at 3pm, Room E

Saturday 1pm, Room E

Sunday 1pm, Room E.

Edison times and rooms are still To Be Announced.

She’ll also be spending time on the east coast presenting for:

Back in Colorado:

This is a great opportunity to learn a little something new, find out about lodges and outfitters from around the world offering tenkara experiences and pick her brain on everything tenkara – or anything else you want to talk about. Karin is a master educator and animated presenter. You’re sure to crack a few smiles and take away some useful information.

There are always special show discounts or deals that are only available at the Fly Fishing Show so take advantage of the offers. The fly shop dates are an intimate setting for hand-on-hand help and individual attention. Maybe you’re considering a tenkara adventure? Find out the best places to go and the rods and equipment you’ll need. Many of the skills required to manage big fish on tenkara are seated in foundational fly fishing skills. Get back to the basics with tenkara and improve your skill on the reel. And that, my friends, is the yin and yang of it.

So, start the new year with some new information. Join us at a show or come to one of our presentations. Let’s start this year off by just having fun fishing. Channel the kid in you, try something new, laugh at yourself, lose a fish and learn something, but always, always have fun.

Tight Lines and happy fishing.

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