It’s Fly Fishing Festivus Time Again

If any of you are Seinfeld fans or remember the TV show popularized back in 1997, there was an episode that was centered around a crazy holiday created and celebrated by the Costanza family on Dec. 23rd. It was an all-inclusive, secular alternative to Christmas. There were wacky rules to the Festivus that included a Festivus Pole (instead of a Christmas tree); a Festivus dinner; an airing of grievances; a Feats of Strengths; and even “Festivus miracles”. All of this portrayed in that wonderful, humorous, satirical manner that Seinfeld was so popular for.

Well 5280 Anglers out of Denver, Colorado created the Fly Fishing Festivus seven years ago and it is still going strong today. Here’s the deal: This celebration is an angler centered holiday of tournament-style guided fly fishing. Held at the beautiful and incredible Boxwood Gulch Ranch and Long Meadows Ranch near Bailey, Colorado, this is one angler holiday you need to start celebrating.

Fly Festivus includes:

THE FLY FESTIVUS POLE: Take your picture with the traditional symbol of Festivus – The Fly Festivus Pole!

THE FLY FESTIVUS FEATS OF FISHING STRENGTH: Tournament-style, guided fly fishing on two of Colorado’s PREMIER PRIVATE PROPERTIES!

THE FLY FESTIVUS MEAL: Delight in great food, beverages, and desserts on one of the finest patios you’ll find in the state! (Think grilled lamb chops, wine and whisky.)

AIRING OF GRIEVANCES: Time to tell us all about the trout who’ve treated you wrong…”I got a lot of problems with you fish! And now you’re gonna hear about it!”

Each of the seven years it’s been a sold-out event. And its popularity continues to grow. Here’s how the tournament works: There are six rounds or rotation in which anglers fish different sections or runs on the ranches. The angler gets points for each fish they land. The angler received extra points if they:

  • land the fish on a tenkara rod
  • if the fish is 24″ or over
  • if the fish is a Palomino
  • if the fish is catch on a dry fly
  • if they land a cutthroat
  • if landed on a streamer pattern
  • if they land a brook
  • if they land a brown

The total number of fish landed is calculated plus the added bonus points for a total score. Whichever angler collects the most points, WINS! There are always great prizes, giveaways and extras. It’s an entire day of fun, fishing, laughter, amazing food, delicious drink and – even live music.

If you haven’t participated in this event, you need to do it. It’s great fun and some of the best fishing you’ll ever experience in Colorado. With a golf cart making rounds and delivering beer, amazing, massive fish and the best fly guides in the state this is a day that can’t be beat. What about Zen’s involvement?

5280 Anglers are the first and BEST Zen Tenkara certified guides in Colorado. They can provide you with a traditional or extreme tenkara river adventure. They’re a great bunch that like to have fun. Zen Tenkara has been providing rods and lines for the Festivus since its start back in 2016 and we’ve been a part ever since.

If you’re interested in some of the best fishing in Colorado, if you are a Seinfeld fan, if you want to try tenkara, if you want to do the entire event without a reel and show off your tenkara skills…the Fly Festivus is the place to do it. Happening July 16th, the event is completely sold out. So, mark your calendars early for next year. Buy a ticket right away and reserve your spot for the best day of fishing fun you’ve ever had.

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