A New Zen Tenkara Rod is Coming: The Happy Hachi

Just a quick news flash that our newest design, the Hachi (or the Happy Hachi which is the way I describe the rod) is going into production. This little dynamo is going to bring lots of smiles and joy to anglers everywhere. The rod is little, but it’s not one of those micro-rods that collapse into a million sections and feels like cr*p to cast. This rod is small but mighty.

The Hachi is a Zen rod so like all our rods, it is of course made from a high-grade IM carbon fiber. It is a single length rod that comes in under 7′ long (6′ 10″). The Hachi’s collapsed length is 16″ and the rod weighs a mere 1.5oz in hand. That’s like, nothing. The rod has a 5:5 flex profile which we chose so that it would have a nice, graceful bend on fish, even though it’s such a short rod.

And although this rod, when paired with our 7′ lines, will be wonderful for pool and pocket water, I can actually cast a 15ft line plus leader, with no problem if I did want to get my fly way out there, say on a pond or mountain lake. Even though the Hachi has a 5:5 flex profile, it still has a fairly quick action.

When you are on a fish in a tight place, you need some backbone and strength to control the fish and land it quickly in these snug quarters, so it doesn’t get wrapped in branches or breaks off on some underwater object. Very soft rods don’t do this very well since you have very little control or ability to steer or guide. At Zen, we like to keep fish healthy and alive by bringing them in as quickly as we can and releasing them still strong.

The Hachi is short, delicate, ultra-light and ultra-precise. But like all Zen rods is strong and still has power and strength down its length. We are sure, you’ll find this rod fun and exciting. The Hachi goes into production this week. Our first run won’t be available for about 8-10 weeks. The rod will also be perfect for youngster due to its size, weight and its durability but we know there are grownups out there that are going to grab it up. The new Zen Hachi, for the young, or at least, the young at heart. Get some happy in your life!

This rod is on our website and is being offered at a Special Pre-Order Discount. Regular Price is $200. Pre-Order Price is $175.00. Expires Aug. 31, 2022 or while supplies last. 



  1. When will this rod be available for delivery?
    Please advise

    • Hi Dick
      Thanks for your inquiry. The rods are currently in production. We are anticipating them to be in stock in about 6 weeks. Overall production has been much slower and even obtaining and securing different materials has been challenging. The supply chain is still not running like we are all used to pre-covid. Some companies are willing to substitute material for others. We are not willing to replace an “ingredient” for something of lesser quality – which means we have had to wait to get what we want. Production is slowly but consistently picking up, but still at a very slow pace. WE are doing everything we can to expedite runs and keep inventory stocked. The tricky part is, that as production has slowed, business has greatly increased. In the end, it’s a good problem to have and we are working through it. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during these usual times for manufacturers.

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