2018 Summer Line Up

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a blog because we’re just so darn busy – which is a good thing…a really, really good thing. Tenkara is finally assimilating into the fly fishing arena with more acceptance than ever before. Many of the stigmas that initially enveloped the method are slowly being shed for a broader appeal and less sterile approach. While there are many anglers and still some companies, out there preaching the one line, one fly, that attitude has soften and certainly Zen is known as leading that movement.


As we head into the 2018 fishing season Zen is charged and ready to go. We have a calendar that’s filling up with all kinds of exciting opportunities.

If you can’t catch us at one of these events, then by all means contact us directly if you ever have a question or need some advice on set-up. We’re a people company run by real folks, making products for real people and servicing the very same. We’re friendly, approachable, lots of fun, and like to help.

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