Tenkara Flies, Individual Black


Make your fly choice easy and less complicated by fishing the all-purpose, versatile and highly effective Sakasa Kebari. Used wet or dry this fly pattern will allow you to avoid the guess work and keep your fly box simple and uncluttered. Or maybe you just want to mix things up and try fishing something different. The Sakasa Kebari fly pattern can also be used with a traditional fly rod and reel setup.


  1. Any fly pattern can be used with your tenkara fly fishing rod, including dries, nymphs, streamers, terrestrials, etc., but tenkara traditionalists focus less on hatch/insect visual imitation and more on fly movement and presentation. That’s why a simply hackle-forward fly patterned called the Sakasa Kebari is often the go-to tenkara fly pattern. It doesn’t resemble any particular insect but, with the hackle facing towards the hook’s eye, under water it pulses and is an effective attractor. When dressed with a bit of floatant, the Sakasa Kebari can be made to skitter across the surface of the water and offer dry action, making it a very versatile, non-specific fly pattern. Our Sakasa Kebari flies are available in Sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14, and in 3 colors: Black, Green and Yellow.


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Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .5 in

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  1. This space wasn’t labeled.

    I’m really sorry to be so slow in responding to your request for my review of your Tenkara Flys I ordered. Three Artic storms in a row that his us with power outages and snow and icing conditions made it impossible to get back to you any sooner, believe me.

    I can finally get to say that these flies are the nicest I’ve seen. Normally I do my own tying but the photographs of yours looked so inviting I just had to order some for when this winter weather finally breaks. Rest assured I will be ordering more dowm the road., I only wis you stocked other Tenkara styles, too.

    Steve Haggard – Oklahoma City, OK

    • Karin Miller

      Hi Steve and thank you for the great review – we completely understand and glad you were safe during the arctic blast that brought many to a stand still. We are so happy to hear you like our flies and are ALWAYS open to suggestions. If there are patterns that you would like to see us carry – it’s possible that we could add them to our offerings. Please send us an email through our Contact Us form here, https://www.zentenkara.com/contact/ and we would love to hear your thoughts on other tenkara flies. You are also welcome to respond here too. We love customer feedback and aim to please.

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